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You can no longer buy the tickets online. You can purchase the tickets at the lake on July 4th before the race begins at 1:30.

The Annual Bob Wells
Commemorative Rubber Ducky Race

Held on Independence Day in Rancho Bernardo's Webb Park Pond

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7th Annual Rubber Ducky Race - 2018

The Rubber Ducky Race is always a fun event had by all. Many in the community look forward to the 4th of July for the parade and festivities and the Rubber Ducky Race on the lake!

Former San Diego County Supervisor, Dave Roberts, was the winner of the 2018 Rubber Ducky Race held in Webb Park on July 4th. Debbie Kurth, RBBA President, commented, “The RBBA was very excited he won since he was instrumental in helping us save Webb Lake a few years ago by helping us obtain a Neighborhood Reinvestment County Grant.”

Dave was visiting San Diego, and he brought his cousin, Lynn Talbot to the festivities. She picked out the ducks for the tickets he bought.
Dave made a large commitment to the Lions Clubs International Foundation its 50th Anniversary to honor Past International President/Chancellor Bob Corlew and his family, who lost an adult child last year to diabetes.  His $500 is going toward that commitment. 
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A Big Thank you to the Leo Club, a youth organization of Lions Clubs International, as they helped sell Rubber Ducky Tickets for the Rancho Bernardo Business Association!

The big winner from the Leo Club is Morgan Perry from Rancho Bernardo High School.  Thank you, Morgan! Next to Morgan is the Leo Club Advisor, Greg Cody. 
Morgan sold $165 worth of tickets, and she won $50 from the RBBA.

Second photo, from left to right: Debbie Kurth, President of RBBA, presents Morgan with the $50 check, Leo Club Advisor, Greg Cody and Hilda Teel. Thank you to Hilda Teel for connecting with the Leo Club!
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Photo 1:
Patti "RBBA Ducky" Hall checks out Rubber Ducky sales at the RBBA Rubber Ducky Booth at Webb Park.

Photo 2: And they're off!

Photo 3: Vivi-Anne Riordan, a member of the RBBA board who sold the winning ticket, presents Jean Voegele with the winning ducky while Larry McIntyre, RBBA Executive Director, hands her the winner's check of $500.

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The Annual Bob Wells Commemorative Rubber Ducky Race began in 2012 as an experimental fundraising event by the Rancho Bernardo Business Association.

Bob Wells, a Director and Officer of the RBBA, developed the idea and worked diligently along with other volunteers to put the race in motion. Unfortunately Bob had emergency surgery the day of the event and passed away the next day. On a whim, Bob purchased a rubber ducky in the name of the Rotary he belonged to for many years and miraculously the Rotary duck won the race.

The Rubber Ducky race is held in Rancho Bernardo's Webb Park on the pond. The 3rd Annual race was held for the first time on Independence Day as part of the "Spirit of the Fourth" celebration. It was an instant hit with children and adults alike and will no doubt be a part of the 4th of July program for years to come.

Rubber duckies can be purchased for $5 each or 5 for $20. The winning duck gets $500 for its owner.

Rubber Duckies go on sale around April 1st. Watch this site for details.

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